Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

Taking 100% responsibility to my life

Every day we create new moments, new goals, new achievements and even new failures. Every time we wake up we make prayers and start another activity and finish another goal. Taking a 100% responsibility to your life makes you a successful person.
I have a friend whose name I won’t mention, has a sense of responsibility towards his goal in life. I admire him so much that I want to write him a biography. By admiring him I mean, follow his advice on this and that, and I even make him my idol for that. His wisdom and vision towards life really inspires me so much that I have to follow what I love doing and to eagerly finish what I started. I have learned so many things from him.

Before, I really don’t bother about my life. I just go with the flow and let everyone decide on to do with life. I have my own thinking, I have my own decision but because I was used by letting them handle everything, I can’t voice out. I’ve been like this for a long time and I wasted that time a lot. A lot that I lost my maturity over decision making and sense of responsibility, and I need to get rid of this negative attitude fast before it will ruin my life forever. I’ve seen my life is not changing so I complain a lot to my parents and even to Him, I complain why I haven’t got this opportunity and I complain why I’m always at the house.

Complaining doesn’t bring me further in my life instead it remains the same and stagnant as before. “I’ve read a book about Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield and it catches my attention so much (thanks to my friend who lend me the book) the first instruction in there is to take 100% responsibility for your life. Wow I haven’t done that to myself before and it struck me a lot. The book really is for me because everything in there is the positive approach of life that I should exercise to become successful. I have been complaining and yes no one listens even if I have to shout in there ears. It says in the book that in order to reach my goals I have to stop complaining and begin to work what needs to be done. I make my own decisions, what I do today I will reap tomorrow. 

In this success principle it made me realize I've been walking in the wrong path before, my attitude would really not me in my dreams because I've been avoiding it unconsciously. Jack Canfield is right about changing myself, changing my responses towards the negative events. 

I invite you to read more about this book, it's very challenging. If you are determined enough to make your life worthy and successful in every aspects you will achieve it . Taking 100% responsibility for your life is just one of the many principles of success. I just started now and found some pleasing results, you can have it too.